Where I Come From

Over the years I have been involved in semi professional paintball. You might ask yourself, why does that matter? Well it lead me into product design and development. The world of paintball is filled with tons of interesting upgrades, designs, and constant innovation. As a kid, I would look through magazines and look at paintball equipment.

Throughout the years I have seen paintball grow from archaic markers to the high tech guns of today. I wanted nothing more than to design my own gun. My love for the sport paved the way for me to want to create products that were more than just paintball guns. Through design I saw the impact that it had on the sport.

Design can be so meaningful. For me it was paintball. For others it may be cars, phones, kitchen appliances, you name it. When designers make things that people love the whole world smiles.

My number one goal is to make people smile with what I design.






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